Elijah Blake Holiday Love EP Cover

Just in time for the winter season, Elijah Blake returns with the new EP “Holiday Love”. This is the singer’s first ever holiday project and it includes 6 original songs and one classic cover.

Blake got festive inspiration from Mariah Carey adds his notable touch of depth, including a song for anyone celebrating alone or with friends and family. For Elijah, it is important to touch on every reality possible, as this season can be hard on some, emotionally. So, he penned songs for: those alone (“Christmas by Myself” and “Misty Jones”); those missing lost loved ones (“Fire Kissed The Rose”); those wanting more quality time (“Snowed In”); and even the newer generation of teens and young adults wanting a trap-esque holiday vibe (“5 Gold Rings”). Additionally, Elijah offers his cover of Donnie Hathaway’s “This Christmas,” and an original Motown-tinged track, “Sweet Love.”

This EP is a prelude to Blake’s upcoming 2020 album “Medusa”. The project will follow 2018’s self-progressed EP Bijoux 23 and 2019’s joint-project with Jordin Sparks, 1990 Forever.