Soul crooner Eric Roberson has just released the video for his latest single “Here For You”.

The song released last month and was written by Eric Roberson and Jairus “JMo” Mozee and produced by Eric Roberson, Brett Baker, Smurf and Jairus “JMo” Mozee.

The animated visuals for the song were directed by Eric Roberson and Steven Jon. Roberson adds:

“The “Here For You” video is a complete labor of love. It took a lot of time and effort to do, but was worth it. Everything in the video already existed, but had to be cut out and meticulously placed for this purpose. The video embodies the same principles as the song. The words “I love you” have been said a billion times. So, why is that phrase still special? It’s not just the words…it’s the history, the moment, the feelings, the delivery and how it’s received that define the depth of these three words. I couldn’t be happier with the completion of the video. Hopefully when you witness it, you see that it is here for you.”

This is the latest installment from Roberson in giving new music to fans frequently. Next week, he will release the new single called “You”.

Also in February, Eric Roberson will kick-off his “30th Anniversary Tour” starring Eric Roberson. The tour will kick-off in Pittsburgh, PA, on February 10th, followed by Eric’s return to The Kennedy Center with “An Evening of Love,” on Valentine’s Day. For additional tour dates, visit