Last night in NYC, Eric Benet and Avery Sunshine performed in front of a packed house at B.B. King’s. Avery opened up the show and made a lasting impression on those who weren’t familiar with her prior to this evening. Showing once again why she’s such a great performer, she wowed the audience with her brilliant vocals, stage presence, and sassy and engaging personality. She was followed by Eric who gave the crowd exactly what they came out to see. Performing hits for his real fans from the beginning of his career such as “Femininity”, he thanked them for allowing him to do this for nearly 2 decades. He followed up with his recent singles “Real Love” and “News For You”, taking a minute to explain how good it feels for him to be independent. He finished up with his biggest hits such as “Spend My Life With You” and “Sometimes I Cry” amongst others. Still making quality music and doing great live shows, it’s obvious Eric will continue being relevant in music as long as he chooses.