Last night at Open House in NYC, Atlantic Records held a listening party for the new album “All of Me” from Estelle. The singer was also in attendance to take the audience through some of the tracks and share the personal stories behind each. John Legend, who signed her to his Home School Record Label, also made an appearance and spoke and hung out in support of her.

We got a few minutes to sit with Estelle to get some thoughts on the album, and she let us know we could expect her most personal album to date on “All of Me.” “It took me three years, it’s super personal, every song is like a real moment and there is a story behind it”, said Estelle. “I had to live and grow for this one. Everyone was like “What happened after the last record? Was she a one hit wonder?” I wanted to live and be a human being.

She also took a minute to further explain the growth she’s experienced as a musician and person since her very successful “Shine” album in 2008. “This one was a little more direct, on a different level with direct. On “Shine” I would give it some space before I went into the studio to write about a situation. This one, I would only give it an hour before I went in and wrote because if I don’t I’m going to punch you or choke you! *Laughs* I wasn’t used to being that vulnerable.”

Finally, discussing her goal with the album, the title of the album pretty much sums it up, “I just hope that people get that it’s all of me”

Estelle’s new album “All of Me” will be in stores February 28th.