Last night at Jungle City Studios in NYC, Ledisi hosted a listening event for her upcoming album “The Truth”. Accompanied by her longtime collaborator Rex Rideout, she took the time to preview some choice songs from the album and take questions from all of the invited press in attendance. She opened with the current single “I Blame You”, which she discussed sets the tone for this album which proves to be her most uptempo to date. Next was another uptempo song called “Rock With You”, which she mentioned she collaborated with Jerry Wonda on for the first time.

As a lead in for the title track, she discussed being more vulnerable on this album, how she was letting go. The song “The Truth” faces the truth of what it is being in a relationship and it’s ok if it has to come to an end. It’s about being completely honest. This song definitely got the best response all evening. Rex Rideout went on to talk about how he sees that Ledisi is in a different place for this album, she’s smiling all the time and didn’t want to do ballads, there’s so much progression there. This led to the next song, “Like This”, which was produced by Rex Rideout who Ledisi calls her good luck charm; she always has to start the work with him for each album.

The next song was “Lose Control”, and this was inspired by a wiggle dance that Ledisi does in her gym class. It’s all about a woman leading a man in the bedroom, which can be a good thing if done in a classy way and there’s communication. The final song of the evening was “Lose Control”, which will push Ledisi’s music to even further progression. It’s called “Good Good” and it’s an uptempo feel good song more reminiscent of what’s on radio but done tastefully. It’s a celebratory song about a woman saying “Love me right or keep it moving.”

That brought the session to a close, and it was obvious to everyone in the room how good a place Ledisi is in with her life and her music. The uptempo tone of the album will make any music lover feel good from start to finish, and the feeling in the music will take you through the powerful emotions Ledisi was feeling when she created “The Truth”.

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Ledisi Listening Event Jungle City Studios 2013-1