YouKnowIGotSoul and TheNext2Shine presented another success Sol Village earlier this week at SOBs. The event, once again hosted by Eric Roberson, featured Eric Bellinger, Algebra Blessett, Aaradhna, and Kay Tunes. Kay Tunes opened the show and impressed the crowd with her sultry vocals, singing a few of her original songs. Next, as a special treat during the evening, Sirius/XM Hip-Hop Nation’s Boss Lady came out to introduce Aaradhna. Since Boss Lady is Australian and Aaradhna is from New Zealand, she noted that normally they’d be rivals, but here in New York they must stick together since they’re small fish in a big pond. With many from her new label Universal/Republic in the audience, she effortlessly belted out emotion filled vocals on stage. Algebra followed and to say she was a pro is a total understatement. Commanding the stage with grace and sassiness, she performed some of her new material, much to the delight of the audience. Eric Bellinger wrapped up the show, performing tracks from his recently released “Born II Sing” volume 3 mixtape. He definitely showed this evening why he’s being touted as one of the next big things in r&b.

Eric Bellinger

Eric Bellinger Sol Village May 2013-1

Eric Bellinger Sol Village May 2013-2

Eric Bellinger Sol Village May 2013-3

Eric Bellinger Sol Village May 2013-4

Algebra Blessett

Algebra Sol Village May 2013-1

Algebra Sol Village May 2013-2

Algebra Sol Village May 2013-3

Algebra Sol Village May 2013-4

Boss Lady from Hip-Hop Nation on Sirius/XM Radio

Boss Lady Sol Village May 2013-1


Aaradhna Sol Village May 2013-1

Aaradhna Sol Village May 2013-2

Aaradhna Sol Village May 2013-3

Kay Tunes

Kay Tunes Sol Village May 2013-1

Kay Tunes Sol Village May 2013-2

Kay Tunes Sol Village May 2013-3

Host Eric Roberson

Eric Roberson Sol Village May 2013-1