Eric Roberson Vivian Green SOBs April 2011

Event Recap: Vivan Green & Eric Roberson Live Performance at SOBs in NYC 4/19/11

This week I had a chance to check out Vivian Green and Eric Roberson performing together live here in NYC as part of their tour they are doing together. Eric performed first followed by Vivian, but they also took time to share the stage with each other which was memorable for me. In fact, it was really special when they embraced each other and sang about how their careers begin together and now they are living out their dreams together on stage. Another highlight of the night for me was when they performed a duet of Eric’s song “Dealing” together. You can tell they have great chemistry together on stage, especially the way they exchanged sets on stage throughout the evening, so it’s about time they came together and did a tour like this. Not only are both of them really good performers, but they both also sound amazing live! Below you will find some pictures I took from the event.


  • Crystal Copeland says:

    This was a fantastic show! I am a huge Erro fan and traveled from CT that night just to see him. Vivian Green spoke to my soul as Eric spoke to my heart! Eric Roberson gives great energy at EVERY show!!

  • Elise Elliott says:

    This show in NYC was AMAZING! Both artist have such smooth soulful voices, it made for a perfect show. Eric’s energy was great. Vivian’s live version of “What is love” kept the crowd moving as well. All in all great experience for good soul music. YOU KNOW I GOT SOUUUULLLLL :-)