One of the most sensitive topics as an R&B lover has always been GRAMMY Awards as we often hear things like “Does the GRAMMY committee really listen to R&B or are they just nominating what’s popular?”. The Recording Academy has made a conscious effort this year to ensure that the right people are in charge of what’s being nominated as part of their “Your Voice Your Voice” campaign.

Unlike other awards that are fan-powered or driven by the charts, the GRAMMY Awards stands apart because nominees and winners are decided by the music people who create the songs. This year marks the most inclusive membership body in the history of the Academy and this journey all started four years ago when the Academy transitioned to a community-driven and peer-reviewed annual cycle to create a more diverse and engaged membership base representative of the evolving musical landscape. Since implementing the new model in 2019, the number of women members has increased by 19 percent, and membership among traditionally underrepresented communities has increased by 38 percent, now accounting for 31 percent and 33 percent of the Academy’s current membership, respectively. The Recording Academy has added 1,913 women to its Voting Membership since 2019 and is now 77 percent of the way to reaching its goal of adding 2,500 women Voting Members by 2025.

The first round of GRAMMY Awards voting—which determines the nominees for the 65th Annual GRAMMY Awards—begins Thurs, Oct. 13 and closes Sun, Oct. 23, 2022.

You can catch the actual award show on February 5th, 2023.