It’s been a minute since we’ve heard some music from the R&B group Blaque, but they are finally back with a new record. The group is currently working on an album, which will be dedicated to group member Natina Reed who passed away last October. There is no set date for the project yet, but here is an YouKnowIGotSoul exclusive to give the fans a sample of what’s to come from Shamari and Brandi.

Brandi D: “That’s definitely a Lewis Rocc and Matty P record. When we first recorded “Summertime Ridin”, it was one of my favorites because of how catchy it was as far as the hook and all of that. I know this summer has passed and we’re going into the fall, but it’s still summer wherever we are. We always just want to show that it’s sunshine, it’s bright, it’s happy time and it’s all of that when you see Blaque. I just think it’s that type of song. It’s a feel good record, so hopefully the fans will love it.”