Carvin & Ivan RnB Spotlight August 2013 SOBs-2

YouKnowIGotSoul recently revealed its top 10 Songs produced by production/songwriting duo Carvin & Ivan. We were fortunate enough to catch up with Ivan and he shared a top 10 list of his own. Not only did Ivan compile a list of top 10 songs that he and Carvin have produced; he unveiled some fascinating background for each of the songs on his list. Being the music enthusiasts that we are, YouKowIGotSoul is excited to share this inside look at the work of these Grammy nominated hitmakers.

10. Musiq Soulchild – Teach Me (Luvanmusiq)

“This song is a special song. It was our first major Grammy nomination as songwriters. We’ve a lot of success creating records for Musiq through out our career. This one is a good one because people had written him off in the industry after he had left Def Jam for Atlantic Records. They didn’t think he could do it again. But this song along with ” B.U.D.D.Y.” brought him back strong to urban radio. Our peeps Johnnie “Smurf” Smith and Corey Latif contributed to this song also.”

9. Chris Brown – So Glad (Chris Brown)

“Another song that got lost. We were one of the first people to get in the studio with Chris back when he was like 15 years old. You could tell he was super talented from the beginning. We had a basketball court in the studio at that time and he couldn’t wait to finish recording to go upstairs and play ball.”

8. Justin Timberlake – Worthy Of (Justified)

“This song we did on Justin’s first album. It ended up on his international release. I think it shows another side of our sound. Worth checking out.”

7. Jaheim – Finding My Way Back (Another Round)

“This song has the potential to be a future classic. This is a great example for our collaborative approach. It’s a Carvin & Ivan song with help from people like Miguel, Curt Chambers on guitar and music writing and The Labratz on some additional instrumentation. People forget that best songs ever in history were assembled by great musical and vocal talents in the studio. We try to stick to that theory often.”

6. Jazmine Sullivan – Foolish Heart (Fearless)

“This song was inspired by a song on GZA from Wu-Tang Clan’s album Liquid Swords. The song samples soul singer Willie Mitchell’s song “Groovin”. Jazmine is one of the few singers that knows how to take a hip-hop beat and add melody to it while still keeping it raw and gritty.”

5. Raheem DeVaughn – Customer (Love Behind The Melody)

This song got us our second Best R&B Song Grammy nomination. Raheem is an
amazingly talented artist with no ego. Dude is an amazing vocalist. We’re in the studio right now working on his new album. Kristal “Tytewriter” Oliver contributed to this song.”

4. Jill Scott feat. Common – High Post Brotha (Experience: Jill Scott 826+)

“This song I think was my first placement ever. It’s real raw. Common was somebody I admired and listened to a whole lot. The actual album version is the rough demo. The original master tapes were lost in the studio when we were working at A Touch Of Jazz studios.”

3. Keyshia Cole feat. 2Pac – Playa Cardz Right (A Different Me)

“This song was a high moment. Working with Keyshia was dope but having access to Tupac’s unreleased catalogue was a career highlight. Not everybody got a chance to work with him when he was alive so this makes it special.”

2. Faith Evans – Again (First Lady)

“This song was one of the slept on ones. Working with Faith was great. One of the best singers ever. I did this track in the hotel room in L.A. after playing her a bunch of tracks on the first day that she passed on.”

1. Musiq Soulchild – Just Friends (Sunny) (Aijuswanaseing)

“Our first record as Carvin & Ivan that was a single. This song was instrumental in branding the Carvin & Ivan sound.”