Candice Anitra Narcissus Echo

YouKnowIGotSoul is proud to present an exclusive stream of Candice Anitra’s new double EP “Narcissus / Echo”, a day before it”s release on July 17th. The project includes 5 new tracks that make up the “Narcissus” portion, and the “Echo” portion containing previously released songs from the best of her indie releases.

Evolving from a self-centered experience into a place of connectedness and awareness, singer-songwriter Candice Anitra has molded an affirming work of art awash in broad strokes of soul, pop, funk, and rock. She emerges born again in the form of her dynamic aural diptych EP modeled on the epic saga of Greek mythological characters Narcissus and Echo, It is a sonic altar of confessionals, epiphanies, and redemption songs.

“The EPs are mirrors into the dark spots and the shadowed self,” Candice Anitra explains. More than anything, she is aware that the project is an urgent conversation piece reflecting the society we have become. “We need to talk,” she says with an air of immediacy. “We need to be uncomfortable for a little bit.”

Candice Anitra called on producer Joel Hamilton (Matisyahu, Talib Kweli, Nina Simone), who worked with her on two full-lengths – Bark Then Bite & Big Tree, to help steer the ship in the studio. Mining the story of Narcissus, a Greek mythological character whose adoration with his own reflection proved to be his own demise, the first EP delves into the paradoxical and cyclical relationship between cause and effect. “Narcissus is self reflective,” explains Candice Anitra. It’s understanding how the same patterns keep coming up in life and how you contribute to that.”

The artist has historically been charged with the task of ushering in necessary shifts and elevations in humanity. Candice Anitra’s music and artistry undoubtedly exhibit the vision, vulnerability and depth of field necessary to lead the charge. And her new dual EP, Narcissus / Echo, unequivocally speaks to the heart of the matter. “I’m holding up a mirror. That’s the root. I want people to deconstruct all that, put it all back together again, and create some new ways of being in the process. It’s about time. It’s overdue.”

Join us for an exclusive release party in NYC on July 21st at 7:30pm at The Bowery Electric. RSVP to for free entry.