Mary Mary Jazz in the Gardens 2013-1

Continuing our coverage of the Jazz in the Gardens artist press conference, we also got a chance to pose a question to gospel duo Mary Mary following their performance. As a group, they’ve managed to break boundaries over the years and cross into territory that few other gospel artists have ever seen. Has it been their purpose to try and break into the mainstream and gear their music for that? We thought it would be interesting to hear from them if they feel any pressure to do so when creating music. Check out their response.

Mary Mary: Not at all. I think with us being here all of these years, we have not had to change. There are sometimes some challenges as it relates to our reach in terms of who plays the music. People will listen to our song and love it, but not play it because it’s Gospel. That is always the fight and I think it will always exist. We’re not shy; we’re in the business of knocking down doors and breaking down walls. So we’ll just keep doing what we do exactly the way we do it.