Sunshine Anderson Rnb Spotlight July SOBs 2013-2

Now three albums and ten years deep in the music industry, Sunshine had a pretty good amount of songs to choose from when putting together this list of her favorite songs she’s recorded. All three of her albums are well represented here as you can see. The thing that stands out to me is a few of the singles she’s released over the years didn’t make the list (“Lunch or Dinner” especially). As she mentioned in the interview we did, sometimes the song that gets chosen as a single is the choice of the label rather than the artist. Overall, this is a very good list.

Click Here to read my interview with Sunshine Anderson.

Sunshine’s Top 10:

Heard It All Before

Your Woman

Crazy Love

You Do You

Wear the Crown

Force of Nature

With You Baby


2nd Fiddle

Be Faithful