Tyrese Black Rose Album Cover

Leading up to Tyrese’s latest release “Black Rose”, he was adamant that this would be his final album. Seemingly at the height of his career, he seemed 100% confident in that decision and hasn’t wavered from it since. “Shame” is currently sitting in the top 5 singles in rotation at Urban A/C radio, with a short film based on the song set to premiere soon, but could this really be the end? Well, we don’t think so. We came up with a list of the top five reasons why “Black Rose” will NOT be the final album from Tyrese.

5) He’s At the Peak of his Game Musically

“Black Rose” was the sixth solo album released by Tyrese and the consensus among fans is that it is some of his best work. The second single “Shame” is currently performing extremely well at radio, and with Grammy season right around the corner, he’s sure to be nominated. Tyrese is doing all of this as an indie artist, and the quality of the music has not suffered at all.

4) He’s Become a Massive Celebrity

Shortly after launching successful careers in modeling and singing, Tyrese transitioned into acting and he’s taken off since. Already a celebrity, he reached even greater fame after starring first in “Baby Boy”, followed by the massive “Transformers” and “The Fast and the Furious” series’. The platform he’s creating through acting has only allowed him to reach new audiences with his music, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down for him anytime soon on that front.

3) R&B Fans Will Demand Another Album

The response to the TGT album and the “Black Rose” album were both extremely positive from fans. In a time when r&b in the mainstream is suffering, these two albums were what many were craving. Fans are already anticipating the next TGT album, which seems very likely to happen either way, but that will just lead to more demand for new music from Tyrese.

2) Rarely Does Anyone Ever Retire from Music

Who is the last artist you can name that retired from r&b, let alone music? It’s extremely rare and in the cases when you do see an artist fade from the spotlight, it’s usually not by their own choice.

1) R&B Needs Him

With the release of the “Black Rose” album, Tyrese launched a crusade to single-handedly save r&b. Whether or not you agree if it needs saving, it’s always a positive thing to have someone with a huge platform giving attention to the genre. At the end of the day, he’s making quality r&b music for the grown folks and that is something we can never have too much of.