R&B singer Danny Boy has finally released his debut album “Black Heart”. His smooth voice can be heard on some of the memorable songs from the 90’s including 2Pac’s “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” as well as “Picture Me Rolling”. Unfortunately Danny Boy never got an opportunity to release his music while with the label.

The new project “Black Heart” features the lead single “This Song” which is currently climbing the R&B charts. We interviewed him last year to talk about the creation of the song as well as this project:

This record that I’m working on now will be out Valentine’s Day. I have a song called “This Song”. It’s been going great and it’s in the top 30’s right now. We are working to get the song noticed everywhere. To have that opportunity again after so many years, I;m so grateful for that. Everything was working against making this album happen like with COVID and I went through a breakup. Usually when I go through a breakup, I don’t want to work. I went into the studio the next day and the producer and writers were sitting in my closet because they were presenting songs that fit my life or fit something that i was going through. It was important for me to get some music in. I think that’s what music is missing. It’s the love part of it and it’s not always about happy moments. Love has some sad moments and crying. It has everything in it. I hope that’s what people see in the record we’re putting together.