Genia 4 AM In The Ville

Emerging 22 year old R&B phenom Genia has just released her awaited mixtape “4 AM In The Ville” via Def Jam Recordings.

The project draws listeners into her embrace. She processes regrets on “Just Fine,” flaunting her dynamic range and urging, “Turn it up.” Meanwhile, “Dear Life” tempers prominent electric guitar with ethereal piano as she ponders relationship ups and downs. Her high register echoes as she laments, “You don’t know how to love.”

This follows off her previous release earlier in 2024 with “Like That.” Another gift to fans was a stunning cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

Genia has spent a lifetime using music as a form of therapy.

“I feel like I make music for everybody. But mainly for women to feel badass. I wanna feel like I have the power. I wanna feel like I’m that bitch. That was kind of my thing: to make bad bitch music, but also to make vulnerable music, almost like somebody’s reading my diary. If only one person finds peace in my music then I know I’ve done my job.”