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Music has always been a powerful tool to change the way we feel. That’s why people have “break-up song” and it is why gyms are full of blaring speakers or people with their headphones on as they sweat it out. Music can also be carefully chosen to make us more productive at work. This is why office lifts and reception areas have specific background music.

There is something in music that can change how we feel even if it is just for a moment. Classical music may make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up; a powerful ballad may bring a tear to your eye – but what can R&B music do? How does R&B music affect your mood? We’re glad you asked…

A Word on R&B Music

R&B music is one of the easiest genres of music to recognise. It is often a mix of soul, hip hop, funk, pop and as its name suggests, the blues. From Rihanna to Usher, this genre of music is loved everywhere. However, the most distinctive feature of R&B music is its machine-backed rhythm and pitch-corrected vocals. That’s what it is, but what can it do to our mood?

1. R&B Can Bring Us Motivation and Adrenaline

One of the best qualities of R&B is its ability to make us more motivated and give us an adrenaline kick. That’s why R&B music is usually on workout playlists, movie soundtracks, video games and found on online gambling too. For example, mFortune is one of the best online casinos to incorporate fun soundtracks – including R&B – into their exclusive slot games. This makes the whole gaming experience a lot more fun and matches the themes of their games.

2. The Uplifting Qualities of R&B

As well as giving you a buzz, R&B is also capable of uplifting your spirits and improving your mood. Many of the lyrics found in R&B music talk about overcoming a struggle and succeeding. Whether it is being out of money or just going through a difficult time, the artists can often relay their own difficult narratives and show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Some people may stick on a sad song when feeling down others turn to R&B music.

3. Rationalise with R&B Music

Those same lyrics also have another effect on the way we feel. They can help us rationalise over upcoming decisions and help us make the right choice They can provide us with inspiration and power to see events and situations clearer. Next time you have a pending decision to make and can’t figure out the best course of action, mull it over with some R&B in the background.

It’s easy to think of powerful vocals and piercing instrumentals as the most effective forms of music to create emotion within us. However, R&B can not only compete with the most striking sounds and solos, but it is one of the best genres of music that can instil an array of varied feelings.