India Arie Welcome Home

Songbird India Arie presents fans with a long form film called “Welcome Home”. She was inspired to do the project to help calm the nation and bring focus to wellness, peace, tranquility, and calmness during the current pandemic.

The film combines visual elements from singles “Crazy” and “Sacred Space,” which were both included on her most recently released album “Worthy”.

“Welcome Home” features actors Lyriq Bent and Mustafa Shakir, with narrations from Rev. Michael B. Beckwith on both.

The visual captures India Arie among the peaceful Commune Topanga grounds inside of the remote valley of the Santa Monica mountains. She puts her wellness practices on display including yoga, meditation, and art therapy.

A longtime wellness advocate and teacher, India has always used her music as a vessel for thought-provoking lyrics and mindful meditation. Her authenticity, awareness, and conscious-raising experience lift the world to a more spiritual awakening.

“Welcome Home” releases in conjunction with the launch of the #worthyandwell campaign, a partnership between Arie and media platform, The Big We. The #worthyandwell campaign celebrates the release of “Welcome Home” with a series of online content and events where India will share stories about the film making process and her own wellness practices.

#worthyandwell will culminate in a week-long virtual wellness series (May 25-31) called, “The Wellness of We”. The series will feature daily practice videos and live conversations with a range of wellness practitioners and advocates from around the country, including Arie herself, for talks designed to advance collective well being and community care.