Rising R&B star Jai’Len Josey has just released her brand new EP “Southern Delicacy”. The new project is her first release since her debut album “Illustrations” and features the lead single “Good Soup” as well as the highly anticipated song “Southern Delicacy” which she performed live on stage when she opened up for Ari Lennox on the age/sex/location Tour.

This is what Jai’Len had to say about the project when we interviewed her earlier this week:

I’ll say that it’s an array of tempos. I’m working with D’Mile, Bob Stevens … Bob Stevens executive produced my EP. Mike Barney, Timmy Mason Jr and Harold Lilly. I sent all my lyrics, my songs, and the stuff that I came up with to them and they sent it back. We finally finished the EP a couple days ago. It should be coming out pretty soon, mid April I believe. It’s not like “Good Soup” at all. “Good Soup” is there, but it makes sense in the flow, meaning that it has different pathways. I wanted to make sure the EP was a tribute to my grandfather. He lived so many lives. He was a Vietnam veteran. He was a grandfather. He worked at the post office. He was an usher, a usher board member. He was a great father and grandfather. He was the epitome of a good down to earth man, a great person. A great southern man, and he taught me southern charm. The EP is actually called “Southern Delicacy”. I like to say that, he taught me how to be a Southern delicacy in my own way as a woman, so it’s a tribute to my grandfather through the situations that have happened in my life and through music. Illustrations was the stamp like, “Oh, she uses live music.” but this one I think it’s gonna be like, “Oh, she uses live music?!”. There’s not a song on this next EP that doesn’t use a live instrument.

Stream “Southern Delicacy” now!