Joyce Wrice has continued to impress us over the years with her many solid releases. However, experiencing Joyce perform these works live solidifies why we feel she is quickly becoming one of the biggest singers and performers in R&B. We were able to catch her sold-out Valentine’s Day show at Bowery Ballroom in NYC, and we were extremely happy that we did.

The show began with a solid performance from opener Courtnie, a NY-based R&B/Soul singer, who we were able to speak with after her set (we have an interview with her on the way). Her crisp vocals and soulful songs paired with some live instrumentation really blended well with the sound Joyce’s fans were expecting to hear. It was impressive how she could get the crowd moving with songs they likely haven’t heard before, especially with her song “Lifted”. She showed great appreciation for Joyce’s fans, keeping them engaged throughout her performance, and we can tell they appreciated her just as much.

Joyce took the stage shortly after Courtnie for a roughly hour-long set, and she managed to put on one of the most entertaining and thought-out performances we have seen in a while (especially for an artist who is still doing things independently). She performed a good mixture of songs from her album Overgrown and her newest EP Motive, but she also sprinkled in some of her older standout songs like “Rocket Science” for her longtime fans. Her already killer vocals arguably sounded even better live than on her records, making fan-favorites like “So So Sick” that much more captivating. Joyce managed to pace the show with a good balance of her slow-jams like “Think About You”, for the couples that were in the building, with her more uptempo tracks like “Bittersweet Goodbyes”, for those who wanted to watch her dance the new choreography.

Joyce proved to have a tremendous amount of presence on stage throughout the night as well. From throwing roses to the crowd, to having a chair dance routine for “Addicted”, she was able to make the intimate venue feel like a stadium performance. She clearly has taken notes from 2000’s entertainers like Britney Spears and Janet Jackson and has put her own twist on it for her performances. Ending her set with “ Lookin for Ya” and then with “Iced Tea” for an encore , it was evident that the crowd was thoroughly entertained.

After witnessing this performance, we can comfortably say Joyce Wrice is on her way to becoming a full-on entertainer. Next time Joyce performs in your area, be sure to not miss the opportunity to see this amazing performer for yourself.