Last night I attended Kandi’s album release party for her “Kandi Koated” album in NYC and here is footage I got of her whole performance. I was excited to see her perform some of the new songs off the album, as well as take it back to her classics with Xscape to get the fans involved. Before she performed “Fly Above,” she talked about how people hated on her and told her she couldn’t do another album, but she made it, so it was emotional. Also, she talked about her ex fiance, who was killed, before performing “Haven’t Loved Right” a Capella. Prior to “Leave U,” as you can see from what I posted below, she talked about guys not doing what they’re supposed to. Overall, a pretty good performance, and I’m glad she’s back doing music!

1) How Could You…Feel My Pain
2) Me and U
3) Just Kickin It
4) My Little Secret
5) Haven’t Loved Right
6) Leave U
7) Fly Above