Glamour B.A.E.

Allow us to introduce you to Glamour, an Atlanta based r&b trio who are currently signed to Kandi Burress’ Kandi Kaoted Entertainment label. We’re happy to faeature the group’s first official single “B.A.E.” If you listen closely, you can hear many of the unique and dynamic factors that made Kandi’s original group Xscape a huge hit in the 90’s.

Throughout their individual careers, Moriah, Kaylan, and Ydal have enchanted and engaged audiences on The X Factor, BET’s The Game, a promotional campaign for Tom’s Shoes, and in Parental Guidance also starring Billy Crystal, Marisa Tomei, and Bette Middler.

They also just made a guest appearance in the FOX hit TV show Star on January 25th, and will return on March 1st.

Setting the stage for the single, the girls—Moriah, Kaylan, and Ydal—unleashed a Destiny’s Child tribute mixtape, “The Writing’s on the Gram” on their soundcloud. GLAMOUR bring a fresh spark and sass to classics such as “Independent Woman,” “Say My Name, the Kandi Burruss written “Bills, Bills, Bills,” and more. In additional the project boast two originals, “We are the Turn Up” and “Bye Felicia,” as well as the aforementioned snippet of “B.A.E,” all co- written and arranged by Kandi Koated Enter-tainment’s, Brandin Jay. Check it out below.

We also had a chance to interview the group, to get more of their background. You can read that below as well.

YouKnowIGotSoul: What inspired you guys to do the Destiny’s Child cover project?

Kaylan- Well first off, Destiny’s Child is one of our favorite girl groups!! We love them so much and have been compared to them a lot. Kelly Rowland actually called us the baby Destiny’s Child when we were on the X Factor, which was really cool!! Their 20th anniversary just past and we really just wanted to pay homage to them and cover some of their songs, but put our own glamour flavor on it.

YouKnowIGotSoul: Talk about your current single “B.A.E.”

Ydal – “B.A.E.” is our first single that we are very proud of. It’s a feel good song that you can vibe out to, listen to with your boo, all that good stuff. You can purchase it on ITunes and listen to it on Apple Music!

YouKnowIGotSoul: What do you guys have in store next following the single release?

Ydal – You guys are going to be able to catch us on Star, the new hit show on Fox! We are super excited about that. We have a few shows coming up. And we’ll be working in the studio, hopefully release more for you guys.
Keep up with us on all social media @OfficiallyGlamour to find out everything that’s coming up next and be apart of the movement!

How did you originally come together as a group?

Moriah – We all originally wanted to do different things. Kaylan wanted to act and be an actress, Lady wanted to be a dancer , and I wanted to be a singer. So we all ended up at AGI Entertainment for different reasons. AGI is where we train. Although we came to focus on our individual endeavors, at AGI they force you to be Triple threats. So we all found ourselves having a passion for music. Our manager Natarsha Garcia figured our strengths were better together than apart. So we formed the group Glamour in 2012.

YouKnowIGotSoul: How has the experience been working on STAR?

Kaylan – Oh my gosh! Working on the set of STAR was such a fun experience!! All the crew members were amazing and we LOVE the cast ! Ryan, Jude, and Brittney are the sweetest people. it was an interesting experience for us because we kinda had to step out of our comfort zones and portray mean girls which is totally not who we are, but it was extremely fun to do. This was also our first time working on a TV series so it’s definitely an experience we will cherish forever!!