Kelly Rowland Releases New EP “The Kelly Rowland Edition” (Stream)

Kelly Rowland The Kelly Rowland Edition EP

In what comes as a bit of a surprise release, R&B superstar Kelly Rowland has just given us a brand new EP called “The Kelly Rowland Edition”. There isn’t much information available about the project, but we do know it was recorded at Red Bull Music and contains three all new songs.

Kelly shared the following message on social media about the release: “Had the PLEASURE of going in with some talented new bloods over at Red Bull Studios. Wanna drop in our session? Take a listen on streaming platforms!”

The singer is currently working towards the release of her upcoming fifth studio album. She released the single “Kelly” back in December 2018, and partnered up with Dove for the female empowerment anthem “Crown” a few months ago.

Additionally, over the past few years she has been serving as a coach on The Voice Australia.


  • Edward Randle says:

    There was Batman. I dug the Green Hornet. I liked Michael Jordan, but I was a bigger Scottie Pippen fan. King of Pop? I’ll take Jermaine any day. Beyonce? Overated. Kelly? Underated. Like the Green Hornet, Scottie Pippen, and Jermaine, Kelly hasn’t been given the props due to her. The Green Hoenet kicked Batman’s ass. Michael Jordan wouldn’t have six rings without “SCOTTIE (in my Phil Jackson voice)!” “I’ll Be There,” “I Am Love”, “Dancing Machine,” and so many other Jackson 5ive songs, wouldn’t have been the hits they were without Jermaine’s smooth tenor. And Destiny’s Child would have never reached their destination without Kelly. None of the above would have ever reached their “greatness”, their notoriety, had it not been for the others. I love music. And Kelly definitely should be included amongs the greats! I’m rooting for you Kelly! When you did your “thang” with Nelly, I knew you were a force to be reckoned with! Keep bringing the hits, and do like the Green Hornet: kick ass, Baby Girl!

    • Tonya says:

      I agree. I love Kelly! I think her songs are better than Beyonce’s. Beyonce is soo overrated. I will never understand. I’m loving “Don’t You Worry.” If she has bangers like that on her full album, I will buy for sure. Let’s take it back to good, solid r&b jams. Good luck Kelly!

  • Ms Imagine says:

    See Me is soooo sexy