K’Jon “Man”

It’s been four years since most people have heard new music from Billboard’s chart topping R&B artist K’Jon. Although he released an album in 2012 (“Moving On” – Shanachie Ent.), he is still widely known for his #1 radio smash “On The Ocean” and #1 debut album, “I Get Around” in 2009 (Universal Republic). That may start to change with K’Jon’s latest material that he’s planning to release this November 2013. Up&Up Records will release two brand new CDs simultaneously on the soulful Detroit native. The 1st CD entitled “Without A Woman” is a collection of modern and traditional R&B songs, while the 2nd CD “MAN”, is an assortment of vintage but original songs, reminiscent of the early Motown days which K’Jon is most fond of. A few months ago, K’Jon released the single from the “Without A Woman” CD entitled. “Tell You Why”. The two new CDs scheduled to be released are proclaimed by K’Jon and many others to be his best work. K’Jon wrote the entire two albums. Producers on the album include K’Jon, Peter Moore, Carmichael, Jerald Daemyon, Duce The Producer, Shane McKeever, Proteus, DRD, Waves and others.