Lalah Hathaway So In Love

Legendary R&B singer Lalah Hathaway peels back another layer from her upcoming album with the new song “Mood For You” featuring MC Lyte.

The upcoming album “VANTABLACK” will release on June 14th. It is the seventh album overall from Lalah Hathaway. She had previously shared about the project:

“VANTABLACK was always the name of the project. The word itself has so much weight on it, I was really unsure of how to approach the idea of writing the song. At the time, what I thought were conflicting perspectives, actually began to shape the concept of not only this album but also how I saw myself. I started reframing how I saw color, in terms of being the blackest I’ve ever been and even though I’m steeped in who I am, it doesn’t exclude the other things that make up the sum of me. Similar to how all the music around me informs the black music that I create. So it’s all a melting pot and this song truly exemplifies that.”