Lipstick Gypsy We We Together Forget the Rest EP Cover

If you clicked on this post, you’re in for a real treat. We’ve been featuring the group Lipstick Gypsy on the site over the past few years and literally have never heard them release a bad song. Their new EP “We Were Together, I Forget the Rest” is no exception.

Included on the project are two singles that they released earlier this year and really caught our attention “Remind Me” and “Dammit”. We’ve just recently featured the video they put out for the latter. In total “We Were Together, I Forget the Rest” includes seven tracks including music we hadn’t heard before.

What’s most important to know about Lipstick Gypsy is that their music is a unique blend of fresh R&B/Pop that even Justin Timberlake got behind last year. The group was previously signed to Salaam Remi and LA Reid at Epic Records, but is now releasing their music independently.

Stay tuned for much more from this group who we remain really excited about!