Lyfe Jennings Tree of Lyfe

Following the release of his latest single “Pretty Is,” Lyfe Jennings set the release date for his highly anticipated sixth studio album, Tree Of Lyfe, for June 23rd via RAL/Sony Music Entertainment and revealed the artistic album cover. Lyfe Jennings discovered the album cover artwork via social media from a series titled “Shadows,” taken by a photographer named Baki in Korea. “I chose this album cover image because I feel it represents everything I wanted to convey on my Tree Of Lyfe album — growth, expression, human connection and support,” says Lyfe Jennings. “I’ve always felt people are the tree of life and not success or materialistic things.”
Lyfe Jennings describes Tree Of Lyfe as his most personal work to date.  He wrote and produced the majority of the album at his home studio.  The lead single, “Pretty Is,” is a soulful and melodic ballad that celebrates women with an empowering message. “Pretty Is” is currently available on iTunes and is generating buzz on radio stations across the country, while the corresponding music video has garnered impressive views on VEVO and YouTube.
In addition, Lyfe Jennings released the music video for a bonus track on the album titled “Gold,” an unfinished song he would introduce during his live shows but never finished writing. As a thank you to all his true fans for their support since the beginning of his career, Lyfe Jennings completed the song and gives a powerful new visual.  Known for his “keep it real” lyrics, Lyfe is talking to his younger self with the message that says you can’t take back the things you do but learning the lesson and doing better is the “gold.”   
In anticipation of the album release, Lyfe Jennings will embark on a promotional tour in support of his debut album to major cities including New York (April 27-28), Philadelphia (April 29), Washington, D.C. (April 30), Baltimore (May 1), New Orleans (May 10), Indianapolis (May 2), Charlotte, NC (May 22), Ft. Wayne, IN (May 23), Atlanta (May 24) and more.
When asked about his current musical mindset, Lyfe Jennings response is one of reflection and experience, “Everybody feels like they have to reinvent themselves. I don’t think you can reinvent the truth. It is what it is. I’m not focused on reinvention. I want to go deeper. This album reaffirms the reasons why people started loving this music in the first place.”