Mariah Carey Rainbow 25th Anniversary Edition

There are many things that the legendary Mariah Carey does well, but one of those is celebrating her previous releases.

She does just that once again with the release of the “Rainbow: 25th Anniversary Expanded Edition” to celebrate the anniversary of the album’s release.

Included on the project along with the entire original album are some special bonus tracks. Mariah re-created the “Rainbow” Interlude into a new song called “Rainbow’s End” which is an upbeat dance track produced by David Morales. Also included is a special remix of “How Much” produced by Jermaine Dupri.

In addition, there are live recordings, acapella tracks, and a previously unreleased song called “There For Me” which was made for this album but never made the cut.

Enjoy experiencing Mariah Carey’s “Rainbow” album once again in a whole new way!