Last night, Marques Houston celebrated the announcement of his new album “White Party” with a release party in Vancouver. The show, which was put together by the promotion team Touch Nights, was an opportunity for Marques Houston to reconnect with his fans as he’s been away doing films for the last few years. Being that this was Marques Houston’s first time in Vancouver, excited R&B fans from the city came together and partied with him at the Harbour Event Centre.

Marques Houston went through his entire discography performing songs mostly from his first three albums including “Circles”, “That Girl” and “Pop That Booty”. He also brought his Immature bandmate Young Rome on stage to perform the single “All Because Of You”.

Also due to some changes in his life with religion, Marques Houston announced that he would no longer be performing songs like “Naked” and “Sex With You”. That didn’t stop the crowd from having a good time. Marques Houston performed his new single “Complete Me” for the first time ever before finishing off his set with “Clubbin”.