Savannah Cristina_Comfortable

Allow this to serve as your introduction to Warner Records’ latest signing Savannah Cristina. The soulful songstress makes an immediate impression with the release of her new single “Comfortable”.

The intention of Savannah Cristina is to give us “Soul Therapy” with her music and that’s exactly what we’re getting. The South Florida native gives us a soothing experience and has us excited about what’s next to come.

The lead up to this single found Savannah releasing a string of stripped down visuals anywhere she feels inspired; from a beach to a basketball court, even a busy intersection on the street.

As you listen to the soulful voice, sensual lyrics, and alluring tone from the singer, you might be reminded of the greats like Stevie Wonder and Ella Fitzgerald. The singer began honing her talents in the church from a young age like many of the legends who came before her.

Stay tuned for much more to come from this breakout talent!