Mikhala Jene The Missing Peace EP

Singer/songwriter Mikhala Jené has just released her Def Jam major label debut EP called “The Missing Peace”.

The 8-song project is also accompanied by a visually stunning short film companion piece directed by Mikayla Gamble, which you can view below.

Jené adds about the EP:

“The Missing Peace has a few meanings for me. First is my journey to find peace and make peace with a lot of the heartbreak and disappointments I’ve experienced. The second is my passion to plant seeds of self-accountability to choose peace instead of toxicity. A subject I feel is often missing from the popular conversation. The last is my journey as a woman to activate the divine feminine within myself and others to heal whatever is missing. Healing is never final it’s forever. Overall, I strive to make music that can be a mirror of the human experience and inspire evolution.”

“The Missing Peace” is the follow up to her EP “Carolina Blues” from 2018. The EP was a collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Deputy, who originally signed Mikhala to his APT 216 imprint at the beginning of her journey.