Miranda Joan I Love You Dwayne

Canadian R&B singer/songwriter Miranda Joan takes an unconventional route to express her love for wrestler turned actor Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. She shows off her vocal prowess on the slow jam dedication song called “I Love You, Dwayne”.

The song taps into a different side of Miranda’s personality with this playful and comedic tribute to the iconic figure. She adds:

“This is my love song to Dwayne, but it also is a nod to my childhood. I remember sitting through pay-per-view matches when I was young, sandwiched between my brother and his friends, and wanting so badly to hang out with the big kids. During lockdown, I fell down the Dwayne rabbit-hole because of my Dad’s recommendation to watch Hobbs and Shaw. I now know more about Dwayne’s life than I ever would’ve imagined; every line of my song is a reference to his life and career. I may not have started writing I Love You, Dwayne as a super-fan, but I can certainly say I ended up as one. The answer to your next question is yes, I do love Dwayne.”

The song is set to be included of her upcoming album.