0:48: New Charlie Wilson album
3:10: Lionel Richie’s tour with Mariah Carey postponed
3:50: New Glenn Lewis project with DJ Jazzy Jeff
6:32: Mary J. Blige’s new single
11:22: Tank’s concert setlist
13:00: 112’s comeback
16:55: Soulquarius R&B festival
22:00: Music industry stories with YouKnowIGotSoul
39:05: Thoughts on Grammy awards for R&B categories
44:40: Food discussion

We are back with another podcast! With Edd too busy covering the Nicki Minaj/Remy Ma beef, Kyle and Tom take over to discuss the latest in R&B this week. We start off by talking about Charlie Wilson’s latest album “In it To Win It” which ended up selling around 50k first week. We talk about the longevity of Uncle Charlie and how he’s been able to continually tour at his current age. We also talk about his marketing strategy to integrate his album sales into his concert tickets. Afterwards we talk about Glenn Lewis’ new project “Chasing Goosebumps” with DJ Jazzy Jeff. We discuss Jazzy Jeff’s influence on R&B as well as Glenn Lewis’ hiatus since the release of his last album.

Later on we talk about the release of Mary J. Blige’s new single “U + Me (Love Lesson)”. We discuss the impact that song will have on radio and whether it will match the success of her current single “Thick Of It”. We then talk about 112’s upcoming project. They are now signed to a label so expect some new music from them later this year.

Afterwards we talk about some of our experiences dealing with people in the music industry. Not all of them have been positive, but it’s fun to look back at them in retrospect and laugh about some of the stories. There have been numerous times where we had to wait a long time for interviews. We also look at moments where interviews were cancelled the very last minute. Afterwards, we run through the Grammy awards to give our thoughts on the winners as well as the Grammy committee.

For our food discussion, we talk about Chinese food and the concept of that type of cuisine in the hood. We try to find out why there is a need for bullet proof windows in those areas. This is a podcast you don’t want to miss!

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