Mya Worth It

Singer Mya gives us another side of her artistry as she introduces her alter ego Mýa Lan$ky with the new song “Worth It”. Over the years we’ve grown accustomed to Mya’s standout vocal performances, but this time around she shows off her rapping skills as well.

Mya issued the following statement on her new persona and the new single:

“My independent journey has placed me on a path to becoming a better version of myself, redefining success and happiness that does not always coincide with the world’s definition. So when people hear “Worth It,” I want them to feel strength and courage to leave any situation that does not enhance their lives. I want them to feel and adopt the fight & faith of a warrior which has assisted me in pushing through every challenge, and that spiritual component that’s kept me centered & grounded in such a chaotic world, in hopes for them to be inspired enough to apply it to their own lives by constantly pushing, learning, growing, and searching for their own voices and paths of resonance, to ultimately take risks and bet on themselves, so they too can reach their highest selves and ultimately experience peace of mind and a quality life. When they see me, I want them to see what committing to yourself looks like with the clarity that you can get better with time when you pour love into every aspect of yourself. It’s when we get better that we can help others. That’s true wealth and it is indeed worth it.”

This appears to be just the beginning from this new phase in Mya’s career, so stay tuned for much more.