Singer Mya set the internet into a frenzy upon revealing that she is now a married woman. The fact that she did not reveal the identity of her husband only added to the drama surrounding the situation.

Mya did not reveal much detail surrounding the whole thing, stating only on social media:

“Thank you for all of the beautiful messages & happy V-day. ~ Officially, Mrs. Lansky @ Seychelles Island, East Africa”

The whole situation culminates in the release of the visual for her new single “The Truth”. The video depicts Mya’s wedding where in an interesting twist she ends up married to herself, only adding to the confusion. Maybe the whole thing was a publicity stunt after all?

Regardless, we do know that we’ve heard Mya’s song “The Truth” before. The singer has made a trend of giving us a new release each Valentine’s Day over the years, and this one was included on her “Love Elevation Suite” EP from 2015.

What’s very interesting about the song is that it was actually co-written by David Brown who is now known by the moniker Lucky Daye.

Time will only tell if Mya is actually married or not, but in the meantime enjoy the new video!