Alicia Keys As I Am Album Cover

New Music: Alicia Keys “Love Letter to the Beat” featuring Lupe Fiasco (Produced by Chad Hugo)

Alicia Keys As I Am Album Cover

This song is pretty cool, it has a really funky vibe to it. Rumor has it this was a leftover from Alicia’s 2007 “I Am” album. If you’ve heard that album, it’s pretty obvious why this song didn’t make the cut for the album. No, not because the song isn’t good, it just didn’t really fit in with he element of that album. Besides, she only had one guest on that whole album and that was John Mayer singing background vocals on “Lesson Learned.” Another rumor has it that Lupe might use this song for his new album, which would be a good choice.


  • jOSHiEOwASHiE says:

    i heard it was Chad Hugo on the beat! thats why it's so funky and clean! well Alicia's vocals don't seem mixed down proper yet but they'll probably fix that if they put it on Lupe's album

  • DJ Slam says:

    Very good point Josh, I did forget to mention it was Chad Hugo on the beat. He's the real genius behind the Neptunes in my opinion!