B2K You Got SErved Soundtrack

New Music: Ne-Yo – Take It to the Floor (B2K Demo)

Demo of the song Ne-Yo wrote for the group which appeared on the “You Got Served” soundtrack back in 2003.


  • Anonymous says:

    Hey i am wondering why no one even from other blog site remembers this from the You Got Served Soundtrack! B2K sang it and i am wondering if this is the old demo that Ne-Yo wrote for them. It's the same exact song. But maybe not too many people got the You Got Served album. I personally think it has some great songs on there! As always though Slam great job on the blogs!


  • DJ Slam says:

    Joshie, you are probably right about this being a demo for B2K. Unfortunately, I never listen to B2K so I wouldn't know :-) Maybe I'll check it out though based on your recommendation.