Grammy-Nominated Singer-Songwriter, Alvin Garrett, teams up with his long-time friend, Ruben Studdard, from the 205 to bring you this instant soul classic. Alvin Garrett is also responsible for writing Joe’s last 4 hit singles (“I’d Rather Have A Love”, “Love & Sex Feat. Fantasia”, “Love & Sex pt 2 Feat Kelly Rowland”, and “If You Lose Her”). With this inspirational masterpiece, he now has a hit of his own!

With the art of storytelling being a skill rapidly diminishing from some popular music, the dexterity of Alvin Garrett is both refreshing and inspiring. His vocal tone is steeped in old soul and could be mistaken for a Motown superstar (circa 1972) without sounding over-produced and gimmicky. His knack for saying what he means while lacing lyrics with a splash of the subliminal is what makes Garrett an exciting songwriter and an even more intriguing singer. “By Myself” is his story of perseverance and pursuing dreams…by any means necessary. But it’s also an anthem for every person who has been driven by their purpose and was determined to fulfill it-even if it meant doing it alone.