Avery Storm Hope Fully

With his latest release “Hope-Fully”, Avery Storm releases a powerful message that needs to be heard. He spoke a little bit about “Hope•Fully” and why he wrote it.

“There are still so many who see these issues as shameful and meant to keep hidden, believe it or not. Sadly, most will never discuss them with anyone in life leaving them feeling lost, lonely, afraid, frustrated or often worse… This is very sad because just like bullying and struggle and loss, and affliction of any kind, there is always a turning point and it gets better. Like everything in life it takes work, but it gets better. Never hope•less always Hope•Fully, there is always hope. And just know that no matter what you’re doing, do it one step at a time because there is no rush. The only pressures are those which we put on ourselves. No clock, no limit, no stress, no ceiling, no problems, no right or wrong path. Only results, only solutions. Only forward. Always learning improving and growing. Nothing’s ever permanent until we say it is. We’re all works in progress, as long as we’re walking the earth that work is never really done.”