B Trenton Drunk Words Sober Thoughts EP

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA which already provides a plethora of sounds, vibes, and artists, B. Trenton looks to make his own mark in the industry by providing his reflections on life, balancing internal flaws, love, and whatever thoughts that choose to visit his mind after a few drinks. With his aptly named “Drunk Words & Sober Thoughts” EP , B. Trenton is more eager to be heard than be seen and thrives on his music doing the talking for him.

Originally introduced to the industry in the late 90’s being signed to Loud Records as a member of a gospel group named 5 Young Men, this isn’t B. Trenton’s first date with destiny but he’s now ready to do what he feels he’s been put here to do. Providing a refreshing dichotomy of newness you can’t quite put you’re finger on yet still providing a pleasantly familiar feel, B. Trenton is destined to carve his own lane in an industry that has a fond appreciation for individuals not afraid to be themselves. This is the official re-introduction of B. Trenton.