Brettina Simple Pleasures

Allow us to introduce you to singer Brettina with her new song “Simple Pleasures”. The Bahamas native stuns on the soothing and soulful song that will no doubt leave you in a good mood.

The singer revealed to us about the song:

We were almost done with a session and we were just sitting back. We were just talking. We wrote that song last year and we were just talking about the simple things in life and it went from there. In 20 minutes the song was done, and we didn’t think anything of it until this whole virus and everything happening in our world. We take so much for granted and this has really brought us back to the basics. I love taking a walk now, I used to never do that, I’d just drive. Now I go out and walk around and see my neighborhood for the first time.

Brettina is no newcomer to the industry although this might be your first time hearing her music. Her self titled debut album came out back in 2010, and she’s set to return with an upcoming album “New Day” in the coming months. Stay tuned.