Calvin Richardson If Youre Thinking About Leaving

The Prince of Soul Calvin Richardson returns with the brand new single “If You’re Thinking About Leaving”. This is his second single released from his recent album “Gold Dust” which came out in 2019.

“If You’re Thinking About Leaving” follows the same masterful pattern that Calvin has made a name for himself with. The raw soul, real lyrics, and vintage sound are sure to please any R&B lover.

Calvin added about the new single:

“’If You’re Thinking About Leaving’ is one of my favorite songs from the Gold Dust project. It illustrates my idea of what good relationships are built on anchored by commitment, even in the midst of ups and downs.”

Additionally, Calvin shared the following powerful message with his fans to address the global pandemic:

The impact of Covid-19 has been riveting not only for myself but for the world. Social and physical distancing has been difficult for me because I have built my career erasing the distance or the lines that separated fan- bases from their favorite entertainers by not only bringing them to the stage but leaving the stage to become a part of the crowd, no matter how large or intimate. I’ve been coping with the change by staying home with my family and getting in the studio creating new material, which always takes me around the world without leaving the room. I wish you peace and good health. Please stay safe, stay home and stay strong. – Yours, Calvin

Be sure to take a listen to the new album “Gold Dust” if you haven’t checked it out yet!