Cheri V Athazagoraphobia

London singer-songer Cherri V is proud to debut her brand new third studio EP titled ‘Athazagoraphobia’. By definition, ‘Athazagoraphobia’ is the “fear of being forgotten or ignored”, and according to Cherri V, “its the fear of many creatives and a phobia which ironically motivates us”. Althazagoraphobia or not though, Cherri V is one of the most striking and unforgettable artists in today’s British music landscape.

With unique Pop, Soul and R&B sensibilities, Cherri V has most recently lent her sweet and enticing vocals to Lethal Bizzle’s UK Top 20 single ‘The Drop’. She has also worked with Jessie J, Wiley and Dawn Richard among other, and is one half of critically acclaimed duo Dora Martin with Jermaine Riley. The Telegraph describes Cherri as one of the UK’s brightest R&B stars, with Yahoo! Music praising her for a distinguishable sound which sets her apart from everyone else.

For ‘Athazagoraphobia’, her third solo EP, Cherri V bares her soul to her listener in rather glorious and compelling fashion. From opening track ‘I Can’t Help It’ which sees Cherri battling with the prospects of quitting music for good, to ‘Roller Coaster’, which shares the bitter truth of the rise and fall in life and career, to the EP’s lead single ‘Girl In The Mirror’ with its poignant message of beauty perception and self acceptance.

Combined with fan favourite and single ladies anthem ‘2016’, the Davinche-produced ‘Deadline’ and the music business indicting ‘Formula’, Cherri V has crafted a remarkable body of work that is impossible to be forgotten or ignored even in the least bit. In her own words, Cherri “wants this EP to be a reminder to people, of who I am and what I do at whatever capacity, also for new listeners to experience an emotive body of work matched with credible songs and strong vocals”.