Deborah Cox More Than I Knew

Deborah Cox follows up “Kinda Miss You” with the brand new single “More Than I Knew”. Both songs are contained on her upcoming album “Work of Art” set for release later this year. In our recent interview with Deborah, she explained the new project will give us all different sides of her musical spectrum:

This album is going to sort of tap into all of the different musical sides of me. You’re going to have the classic Deborah, the anthem ballads that require the big voice. Then you’re going to have those intimate moments with just voice and piano which I love. Then you’ll have some songs that are talking about positivity and self love. Not too much of a message, but enough that you can connect to and find inspiration. I consider myself a story teller so I tell all types of stories of relationships and things that happen in them that I may not have gone through but others have. I find inspiration through that. You’ll find all of that on this album “Work of Art”.

Thanks to Billboard