DJ Quik the Book of David

When we had the opportunity to click here to read”>interview Jon B. last year, he raved about the collaborations he had done with DJ Quik. The first on we heard was a track they did for Jon’s album called “Fill Ur Cup”, followed by “Hydromatic” which is scheduled to appear on Quik’s new album. However, the most impressive of them all to date seems to be this latest collaboration entitled “Real Woman” which is also part of DJ Quik’s new album “The Book of David”. In fact, we haven’t stopped listening to this song all day, the vibe on this song is crazy, and the chemistry between the two is on point. Here is what Jon had to say about working with DJ Quik:

Jon B: As far as the new stuff, I’m really excited about me and DJ Quik collaborating on this new album. That’s really an incredible experience for me being a huge DJ Quik fan. I grew up to his music, but more as a producer, I’ve had so much respect for the guy. He incorporates real percussion, real arrangements, real musical stuff in his music, and he’s a big fan of Roger Troutman, he’s a master of the voice box. I mean he’s basically like one of the sickest producers on the west coast, you know? And I’m just really honored to get with him. And we had such a chemistry in the studio, it’s really incredible man. So I’m really excited about people hearing this first single, it’s called “Fill Your Cup,” featuring DJ Quik. We are shooting a video for that really soon, and I’m really excited, you know?