Dondria Haunted

Singer Dondria returns with the brand new single called “Haunted”. She flexes her signature vocals over a haunting production backdrop provided by Josh Bias who also co-wrote the song.

“Haunted” is all about reminding us that what you do for others will eventually come back to you. It’s called karma. Overall, it’s the standout type of music we’ve grown used to getting from Dondria.

The song is expected to be included on the upcoming EP from Dondria. The project will touch on inspiration that Dondria drew from the emotional and financial abuse she faced over the past few years.

The new EP is called “Perspective” and will be released this Summer. Executive produced by Josh Bias, the project fuses infectious beats and rhythms, pairing perfectly with Dondria’s emotionally-charged vocals. The same message can mean two entirely different things from different perspectives.

Every song on the EP will give you multiple perspectives on a particular situation, whether it’s love, heartbreak, or self-empowerment. With each track, Dondria delves deeper into the most misunderstood parts of our psyches and creates songs rich in both sound and meaning.

Stay tuned for much more in the coming weeks!