Elaine Deja Vu

Columbia Records’ artist Elaine takes us back to nights in love on her latest single “Deja Vu”.

This is the latest offering from the South African singer/songwriter from up coming album “Emotionally Unavailable”.

“Deja Vu” was written by Elaine, Francis “Fridayy” LeBlanc, and produced by MOMBRU, Th3ory and Angel “BabeTruth” Lopez.

Elaine adds about the song:

“I found myself in a new environment but somehow still experiencing the same downfalls, problems issues, and relationships even though it felt like I was in a new place, new world. It was mind blowing because I saw myself growing, leaving old relationships, and becoming a different person but still coming across the same common problems in relationships….emotionally unavailable.”

Elaine continues to work on her debut major-label album which is the follow up to her 2019 debut EP “Elements”. The upcoming project will discuss newfound independence as she aims to shed light on South Africa’s burgeoning music scene.