Elijah Blake Shadows and Diamonds

Elijah Blake is getting ready for the release of his debut album “Shadows & Diamonds” on June 23rd, and you can get a full stream of the album in advance. “Shadows and Diamonds” serves as a follow up to Elijah’s last release which included “SIX” and “Wicked,” both produced by No I.D. The full tracklist is below.

1. “Shadows & Diamonds”
2. “Everyday”
3. “The Otherside”
4. “I Just Wanna…”
5. “Fading”
6. “Uno”
7. “Pinot”
8. “Live Till We Die”
9. “Bout That Life”
10. “Drop Dead Beautiful”
11. “All Black Everything”
12. “Armageddon”
13. “Rockabye”
14. “Angel Dust”