Fantasia Sketchbook Album Cover

R&B powerhouse Fantasia peels back another layer from her upcoming album by revealing the new song “Holy Ghost”. The song is available as an instant download for those who pre-order her upcoming 7th studio album “Sketchbook”.

Sketchbook is Fantasia’s first project under her independently-ran label imprint via Rock Soul in partnership with B.M.G. and will release on October 12th. The 12-track project sketches and weaves together varying topics native to who Fantasia is, the story that has solidified the powerhouse artistry she holds today, and enriching enlightenment to the life she envisions for the future. She adds:

“I’ve shared so much with the world but I feel that there is more still in this journey .. I’m still growing. In the sketchbook we’re still coloring out and painting it out the way I want to be seen, not allowing anybody else to take control of that journey. This sketchbook, what I’m showing through my music, no matter where I go, I want people to see that the painting is still being filled in and there’s many colors and many things to Fantasia that they still don’t know — especially music.”

Fans can also expect an album unlike anything Fantasia has released. The project is genre-less and is a body of work that draws on all the music inspirations near-and-dear to Fantasia — from iconic rock band Queen to her biggest inspiration Ms. Aretha Franklin. It gives a hint of nostalgia from her days at American Idol — singing rock, soul and every genre encompassed in-between.

Earlier this year “Enough” debuted as the lead single off “Sketchbook” and currently holds the number two spot on the Billboard Adult R&B charts. The second single “PTSD” featuring T-Pain released last month.

In addition to the album release, The Sketchbook Tour kicks off soon with Robin Thicke, Tank, and The Bonfyre.