FLO Losing You

London based emerging R&B sensations FLO have just released their latest single “Losing You”.

FLO add of the track:

“It’s fitting that ‘Losing You’ is being released this time of the year as it’s all about going through a loss but somehow being comforted by it. It reminds you of how content you are by yourself and finding that cheerful spirit during a tough time.”

The new single is an R&B slow jam that showcases three voices so connected with each other. The group have been on fire since releasing their breakout single “Cardboard Box” earlier this year, and they released their debut EP earlier this Summer.

FLO are made up of three ambitious young women – 20-year-olds RenĂ©e and Jorja and 21-year-old Stella – whose immaculate three part harmonies, contemporary take on 00s R&B and era-defining music videos have connected with hundreds of thousands of R&B fans globally.